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    Online On-arrival training for European Solidarity Corps volunteers (24-26 November, 2020)
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    • Online On-arrival training for European Solidarity Corps volunteers (24-26 November, 2020)

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      Special needs, if you have any (that should be taken into account during the online training such as healthcare etc.)

      Your hosting organization

      Are you doing your activities at your Hosting organization physically or online? Shortly describe your activities before the quarantine and from home.

      Because the training will take place online, do you have the possibility to find a quiet, private place/room in your apartment/organization’s office if needed (for sessions of the training)?

      Would you be able to use a computer during ALL training sessions and do you have a good internet connection?

      Are you familiar with using online learning/meeting tools, for example Zoom or other? (If yes, please list below)

      Please share your suggestions or other important info that we should know.

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